Our Mission


We are a self-defense school with a simple mission:

1. Teach people to defend themselves and others in real life. 

Our goal is to give the people of the Illawarra the skills, training and mindsets needed to defend themselves against real attacks in real life.

We want to give our students sovereignty over their own bodies. This means that no one can physically force you to do something you don't want to. Your body is yours and only yours - and you'll have the skills and training to back it up. This is the ultimate benefit of training in Krav Maga.

2. Improve people's lives in other ways.

Fitness, confidence, focus and mental toughness. These are some of the most important benefits of what we do, and we make it our job to bring that to our students.

3. To provide a fun environment to do so.

Krav Maga can be a really fun thing to learn. We want to foster an environment where people feel safe, enjoy themselves and look forward to coming to training - because that's the kind of environment we love to train in.

Our Motto is to Build Fighters, Not Find Fighters

We're not the military and we're not the UFC. If you don't have any martial arts or self-defense experience, or you're unfit or unsure of yourself, you're welcome to train with us!


It's part of our mission to get you fit and to give you those skills and attributes, so there's no level of fitness or experience required.

Ultimately, we want to see ordinary people become just that little bit extraordinary because they can defend themselves. We're here to build people, not to see who's the best.